al podere di rosa

This farmahouse-estate is named "Rosa's Farm" in honour of the mother of Paolo Giuli (the present owner), who, together with her husband Berto, ran the estate for over fifty years. Berto, in turn, followed in the footsteps of his own father, who was also a farmer. In fact the farm's origins date back to the beginning of the 20th century when Paolo's grandfather, Giovannino Giuli, on his
return from America(where he had worked on a ranch in San Francisco) bought the farmahouse, the outbuildings and the surrounding land, thereby starting a new way of life in his country of origin.
As the farm provided the family's only source of income, many different types of crops were grown.
Wine, vegetables and cereals were cultivated and cattle were reared for milking and for working on the land.
Mulberry trees were grown to feed the silkworms reared to produce silk. Just as importantly, hemp was cultivated and this was painstakingly transformed by hand into bed-linen and other items by the women of the family.
The present-day estate has continued to produce some of the crops grown long ago.
Over the last 100 years the new farmahouse has partially continued to grown its traditional crop.

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